Jesus Nebot's educational presentation at our conference was fantastic! His message was very insightful, genuine and real. The advise he provided will resonate with our members for a long time. Thank you for that!

Mary G. Russell, DTM, International Director Toastmasters International, Mission Viejo, CA

The message conveyed by Jesus Nebot through his film no turning back and his speaking programs is truly powerful when it comes to educating students about leadership and diversity issues. that is why I bring him back to our campus every year.

Frank E. Ross Ph.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Diversity, Indiana University-Purdue University - Indianapolis, IN 

Thank you for gracing us with your presence as keynote speaker and delivering such a wholesome and heart-felt message. You really did ‘give from the heart’. Your message was laced with purpose and your fervor fed us and filled us up with passion, love and positive energy. We really needed that.

Brenda Reed, Executive Vice-President of Education, Realtists Plus Club, Culver City, CA

Jesus Nebot's film presentation was so successful that it was voted as the 2006 Best Program of the Year by the entire Greek Community. His excellent presentation skills, unique heartfelt style, and masterful ability to unite a very diverse group of people in the spirit of love created a powerful lasting effect that is still very present among our students.

~Jocelyn Michaelis President Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Marquette University Milwaukee, WI

Jesús Nebot is an extremely inspirational teacher and leadership coach. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation at the PBL National Conference and took away many life lessons, words of wisdom, and practical tools to help me become a visionary leader.

~ Chris Reznicek, Nebraska Phi Beta Lambda Vice President of Communications

Jesus Nebot is a captivating speaker. He encourages the audience to shoot for their dreams and to come from their hearts. When he speaks to a group, he makes it seem like anything is possible and provides very uplifting support with his positive energy. Our organization and its members have benefited immensely from his insights and experiences

Amanda President and Founder of ISELA. Institute of Spiritual Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Jesus Nebot's presentation was one of the most awe-inspiring, beautiful events I have ever attended. The truth behind his philosophy profoundly shifted my thinking and attitude towards life. His eloquence, stories, quotes and metaphoric illustrations were so enlightening that the happiness I received from his speaking still remains within me.

~Yasmin Rioux, Student. National Communication Honor Society, University of Dubuque, IA

Having Jesus speak at our conference was one of the best decisions we've ever made. Jesus mesmerizes you to think beyond your reality, to see things you normally don't see, to reach into places you didn't think existed. The audience left thinking he was one of the most powerful speakers they experienced.

Jim Hague, Founder and CEO of The Los Angeles Chamber Of Enlightened Entertainment, CA

I can't tell you the number of staff as well as students who have stopped by the office telling me that we need more types of these diversity workshops on campus.

~Beth Ann Shick, Director of Student Organizations and Leadership Development. Gannon University. Erie, PA.

The presentation of "No Turning Back" was so timely. My students truly enjoyed the movie and thought provoking discussion afterwards. Mr. Nebot is so caring and sincere in delivering his message, and he displays that same demeanor when speaking to students individually. I am very glad that we were able to bring him to our campus.

~Kesha Baoua, Director of Multicultural and International Student Services, Hendrix College. Conway, AR

Jesus' presentation inspired me not only consciously but also subconsciously. An idea I had crystallized due to a powerful exercise he led to strengthen my resolve to move toward my goals. Jesus walks the talk and knows how to compassionately lead you to where you need to go. I am deeply grateful for his presence in my life.

Giselle Achecar, Entrepreneur, Writer, Producer, "Be The Change" Seminar attendee, Los Angeles, CA

Jesus' presentation to our group was truly inspiring. He conveyed the value of working with others and took time to engage every audience member to identify their passion/dream and offered insights on achieving it. If you're looking for "something different" to engage your pursuits, Jesus Nebot is highly recommended.

Eric Brouder, Meeting planner, South Bay Filmmakers. Torrance, CA

Our Student Organization was greatly enthused with Jesus Nebot's presentations. His movie was a hit and many of our sibling organizations have congratulated us in bringing such a valuable speaker to campus. We definitely plan to have him back

Lisel Cruz, LASO President, Carroll College, Waukesha, WI

Jesus Nebot is one of the most powerful and transformational speakers that I know. He is truly gifted at bringing out the very best in you. You will walk away inspired and changed for the better.

Michele Blood, Best Selling Author. CEO and Founder of Musivation, San Diego, CA
Your workshop was arguably the most interesting and beneficial program I have ever attended and I wanted you to know that it was greatly appreciated.

Matt Mason, Student, Whittier College, Whittier, CA
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To view some testimonials from people who have attended Jesus Nebot’s LOVE EMPOWERMENT RETREAT, click on the play button of the video screen below:

Love Empowerment Retreat 2007 from Jesus Nebot on Vimeo.


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